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We offer foreign languages courses at different levels, on one-to-one basis or in groups. We offer courses in 20 world languages, including teaching Polish as a foreign language. You may select language coach in accordance with your needs. Our team is composed of Polish coaches with linguistic background and with broad experience in language coaching. We also hire native speakers who are naturally endowed with an excellent knowledge of their mother tongue.



  1. “general” – for those who would like to communicate in a foreign language at ease. The stress is put on developing communication abilities, particularly using the language in real life situations, but also on pronunciation. The course is dedicated to beginners and those who would like to “refresh” their knowledge of a foreign language they have once acquired.
  2. Business – a helpful course for employees willing to learn how to communicate effectively in corporate environment and during contacts with their foreign customers.
  3. Specialized – teaching foreign languages relative to particular sectors of the market. Depending on the professional group, we offer courses abundant with vocabulary and problematics of given branches. Each course is “tailored” to the needs of Client companies. Therefore, we are able to carry out almost every type of course. At presentwe provide specialized courses on:
  • business language for white collar workers – both top management and lower-level employees
  • legal language
  • medical language
  • technical language
  • Polish as a foreign language

We strongly believe that only a comprehensive offer that matches the needs of Clients will guarantee success. Thus, Lingua Line, as one of few language centers in Poland, provides language courses in a traditional fashion – with the participation of a language coach in the Client’s office – and complements them with e-learning courses – so called “blended learning”.


Within the course we guarantee:

  • Language course given by a qualified Polish coach or a native speaker
  • Course agenda (topics, vocabulary and teaching modalities) adapted to learners’ needs
  • Flexible hours of courses
  • Learning materials
  • An ongoing supervision from a methodologist
  • Division into groups in accordance with the participants level of a given language
  • A proper course and frequency of meetings
  • Creation of an individual program for each learner individually or for a group
  • Monthly reports where information on attendance and progress made by learners is kept

W ramach kursu zapewniamy:

  • zajęcia z wysoko wykwalifikowanym polskim lektorem lub native speakerem
  • program kursu (tematyka, słownictwo oraz sposób prowadzenia zajęć) dopasowany do potrzeb słuchaczy
  • elastycznie dopasowany plan zajęć
  • materiały pomocnicze
  • stały nadzór metodyka
  • analizę potrzeb firmy
  • podział na odpowiednie grupy
  • ustalenie odpowiedniego toku i częstotliwości zajęć
  • opracowanie indywidualnego programu dla każdego uczestnika lub grupy
  • miesięczne zestawienia i raporty uwzględniające min obecności uczestników, wyniki testów.


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