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Lingua Line employs the best linguists specialized in many fields. These translators exhibit a long-term experience in the translation of specialized texts and content. In order to eliminate any differences in language style, we always try to commission the same translator into translating texts for the same Client


We have an individual approach to every single translation project bearing in mind that Client’s needs are of utmost importance. Projects are supervised by a coordinator dedicated to a particular Client who ensures a proper completion of the translation work and an efficient communication. The process of translation is divided into four phases: text analysis, selection of a translator specialized in a given discipline, handing over the text for translation and its completion, proofreading and adjustment to the graphic form of the original text as well as the Client’s need.


Moreover, in case of extremely difficult and specialized texts, the process is verified by an expert in a given field for the sake of checking the nomenclature. This is particularly important in case of medical texts which are in turn consulted with a specialized physician.

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