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A simple translation (non-certified one) does not require the seal of a sworn translator. Generally a page of such translation counts 1800 characters, including space characters.

We translate the most specialized texts, in particular:

  • business content: everyday correspondence, websites, commercial offers, advertising materials
  • pharmaceutical content: documents approving medicinal products for use, leaflets
  • financial content: income statements, balance sheets, reports, business plans, audits, insurance documents
  • Human science translation: history, philosophy, literature, music, religion, arts, political science
  • IT content: operating systems, webs, software, computer games
  • Translation of literary works – scientific papers, economic and financial papers,guides
  • Marketing content: advertising folders, movies, leaflets, slogans
  • Medical content: scientific articles, operating instructions of medical equipment, clinical trials, medical history
  • Motorization content: technical documents, operating instructions, marketing brochures
  • Legal content: contracts, notarial deeds, power of attorney, prospectus, memorandum of association and bylaws, statutes, laws and analyses

Technical content: product catalogues, operating instructions, technical specifications, schemata, norms, ISO documents

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