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Certified translation (sworn translation) is the one approved by public institutions like courts, ministries and government agencies. Their special character consists in rendering to a foreign language not only the text itself, but also all signs, inscriptions, seals, notes, commentaries and footnotes that appear in the original text. This is carried out in accordance with provisions regarding the rules of certified translation. Each translated page is then marked by the authorized translator’s seal and signed.


The translated content includes: birth and death certificates, certificates of marriage, notarial deeds, police clearance certificates, power of attorney and contract. Pursuant to the Ordinance of the Minister of Justice a page of 1125 characters including space characters is deemed an official page of a certified translation.All documents certified in such way bear the number of a particular translator’s repertory as well as a note stating if the source text is an original, certified copy or a simple copy of original.

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